Networking event

A networking event with music, food, and drink

Monday 11 September 2023

Church of Saint George [Google Map] & Temple of Pomona [Google Map]

The participants of the CLADAG 2023 international conference are invited to visit the places in the historic center of Salerno with a moment of musical entertainment organized in the beautiful setting of the Church of Saint George, considered to be the most beautiful Baroque church in the city, a few hundred meters from the cathedral.

The Jazz Orchestra “ALFANO I MODERN SOUND” will offer a moment of musical entertainment.

Afterward, the evening will continue with a convivial moment of networking to appreciate the architectural and culinary excellence of Campania at the Temple of Pomona.

The awarding of the winning teams of the Data (in) context “Thinking with data” will be held during the event.

The events are offered, but registration is mandatory for logistical reasons.

The registration link for Social Events (Networking and Social Dinner) is available here.

The deadline for registering is expired. Please contact the CLADAG2023 organizers for additional details (

7:00pm-8:00pm Church of Saint George – Via Duomo, 19

Jazz Orchestra “ALFANO I MODERN SOUND” (a big band of ALFANO I lyceum in Salerno) – The musical repertoire

The group was born as part of the beautiful curricular experience of ensemble music coordinated by Maestro Giuseppe Esposito, Fabio Schiavo and Maria Teresa Petrosino since 2012.

The group offers songs taken from the vast repertoire of Afro / American music (Jazz, Funk, soul, R&B ) and from international pop, always looking for new interpretative and improvisational cues, aimed at both musical growth and the harmonious development of the students.

The ten-year activity of the orchestra has seen the Alfano I Modern Sound protagonist in numerous events and competitions including:

  • European music festival at the Ghirelli theater in Salerno
  • Musicitalyshow in Bologna
  • Jazz in Laurino, every year from 2013 to 2021
  • Poetic-jazz reading by the Syrian poet Maram al-Nasri
  • Best video award, 1st RadioMia Contest for High School Music, Frosinone
  • Award making a video 2nd RadioMia competition, Frosinone 2023
  • First prize at the Media Musicale Competition in Minori (Salerno)
  • Indire Indicibili Talenti Competition Award
  • First prize in the JazzinLaurino competition
  • First prize Young Promises Competition of Bracigliano

In 2021 they made a CD as part of the project, “Il Jazz che è in Noi”, with a final concert directed by Maestro Sandro Deidda, and participated in jazz in Laurino with Maestro Marco Tindiglia.

In 2022 they created the project “All the colors of jazz” with master class and final concert with the participation of the masters Guglielmo Guglielmi and Daniele Scannapieco

8:00pm-10:00pm Temple of Pomona – via Roberto il Guiscardo (close to the Cathedral of Saint Matthew)

Welcome Aperitif by the staff of High School Roberto Virtuoso.

The High School Roberto Virtuoso is one of the most prestigious Hotel Management schools in Campania.

Born in the 60s of the 20th century, the Institute has constituted, in the last fifty years, a sure point of reference for those who wanted to enter, professionally, in the world of catering and hotel hospitality. It currently has over 1,200 students, distributed in Salerno in three locations.

Thanks to the rigor and professionalism of its training offer, the students of the “Virtuoso” are distinguished by their competence and formal composure, always giving great availability and proactivity. The “Virtuoso” also pays particular attention to the internship and operational in-depth study of the students in the context of private structures and in the organization of events.

Church of Saint George – a brief description

Saint George is the most beautiful Baroque church existing in Salerno, rich in frescoes of the highest quality. It was part of the convent of Benedictine nuns, now a barracks of the Guardia di Finanza and Carabinieri. It is one of the oldest monastic settlements of Salerno, which dates back to the early ninth century. To this period belong the remains of an apse frescoes, recently discovered in the church. At the end of the sixteenth century in San Giorgio are transferred all the nuns of the other Benedictine monasteries in the city (St. Sophia, St. Michael and St. Mary Magdalene). In 1711 the monastery was expanded with a new project elaborated by Ferdinando Sanfelice, the most famous Neapolitan architect of the first half of the eighteenth century. The interior is richly covered with murals and canvas paintings.

Among the other paintings in the church of great importance: The Virgin and Child with Saints and a nun praying by Andrea Sabatini, dated 1523, The Martyrdom of Saint George in capolatare dating back to the early decades of the seventeenth century, three paintings depicting San Gregorio Magno, the Holy Family with St. John, The Vision of St. Nicholas of Bari dated 1669, artworks by Giacinto De Populi, the Archangel Michael, dated 1690 by Francesco Solimena, some canvases portraying the Virtues, by Paolo De Matteis, dating from the early eighteenth century. Of particular value is the high altar in marble inlay with bas-reliefs and sculptures.

Temple of Pomona – a brief description

The temple of Pomona, despite some doubts about it, is from the Roman period, when the city of Salerno, home to several temples (dedicated to Bacchus, Venus, Juno and Priapus), received the title of “College of Augustali” demonstrating the great importance during the Roman period. In our day only the temple of Pomona is characterized, inside and outside, by fifteen Ionic columns joined together by a Gothic lancet arch. The capitals, always Ionic style, consist of four heads of the goddess Pomona and a square plate crowning of the capital formed by concave faces. On the temple there were also found flooring, ceiling with central arch, trunk of the foundations, the mullioned windows and a stone wall. The tombstone, located between the second and third lancet window, reminds of a donation of 50 thousand sesterces made by a certain Tito Tettenio Felice Augustale in the fourth century AD and that allowed to realize marble floors, a rich plaster and the pediment. Probably the temple continued eastward, because during recent renovations of the cathedral, the remains of a Roman temple. Currently, the temple houses several exhibitions and cultural activities.

Temple of Pomona

Church of Saint George


ALFANO I lyceum

Polo Scolastico Regionale Coreutico e Musicale

High School Roberto Virtuoso

Salerno Opera