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All models are wrong but some are useful

George Box (Statistician)

The “Statistics Laboratory” of the Department of Economic Sciences and Statistics of the University of Salerno, was founded in 1991 and with a resolution of the Department Council of 12/15/2005 took the name of “Laboratory for Research and Advanced Teaching in Statistics” or, more briefly, STATLAB.

The STATLAB aims to promote and carry out research, advanced training and in-depth training in the field of methodological and applied statistics.

It is a center for the design and implementation of statistical surveys, for the collection of information and the analysis of data, open to local requests through scientific collaborations with companies, public and private bodies, national and international institutions. As such it has joined the University Quality System since 2006 and has obtained certification UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 N°688CSGQ23, for the "Design and implementation of statistical surveys and statistical knowledge transfer activities".

The Laboratory manages access to various databases.