STATLAB offers advanced training in statistics, at both a theoretical and practical level, in the context of

  • Master
  • Doctorates
  • Bachelor's and master's degree courses

The Statlab carries out an intense activity of supporting teaching and training activities through tutoring aimed at writing degree theses in the statistical field.

The laboratory staff provides technical IT support for project work activities relating to curricular and Master's courses and for the use of databases to students on the Dises degree courses.  

The interns are involved and trained in the design of statistical field surveys, web surveys and the analysis of questionnaire data through the software available on the laboratory PCs.

The laboratory's activities include dissemination seminars on empirical data processing held by graduate students, research fellows and doctoral students who have used the laboratory's resources as part of their study and research activities, for the dissemination of statistical culture and the use of statistical software in the context of incoming, ongoing and outgoing orientation activities.