Quality policy

STATLAB, in line with the objectives established in its Statute, promotes and carries out research and study activities in the field of methodological and applied statistics.

The STATLAB, in order to direct the efforts aimed at achieving the general objectives defined within the department towards excellent results, has identified guidelines which, in coherence with the University Policy expressed by the Rector, constitute the Policy for the Quality of the laboratory.

The Laboratory undertakes to:

  1. Consider with extreme attention the needs of all the components of the laboratory, of the territory, of institutions and companies that come into contact with the laboratory, establishing effective internal and external communication processes and encouraging all initiatives that allow a greater and more effective exchange of information and knowledge;
  2. Support the dissemination of quality management methodologies within the structures with which the Laboratory interacts (Department of Economic Sciences and Statistics, other internal structures of the University and external bodies) and, consequently, support training and updating activities of the staff on quality issues;
  3. Promote the updating of the Laboratory staff through seminars, conferences, research groups, in order to guarantee an increasingly better quality of research;
  4. Publish a service charter which explains the conditions for the provision of activities and services offered by the Laboratory.

The scientific manager of the Laboratory and the Quality Assurance Manager undertake to disseminate the Quality Policy at all levels in their organization as well as periodically review the aforementioned policy in order to continuously ascertain its adequacy.